First measurements campaign was completed

1. First measurements campaign was completed on 12th June 2017. The measurements were performed from km 375 downstream to km 863 upstream.

The measurements team consisted in personnel qualified for all types of measurements.

The activities performed included the following:

  • Establishement of benchmarks, completed on 12th June 2017;
  • Hydrographic surveys, completed on 12th June 2017;
  • Topographic surveys, completed on 23rd April 2017;
  • Hydrodynamic surveys, completed on 12th June 2017;
  • Sediment surveys, completed on 12th June 2017;
  • Geotechnical investigations, completed on 26th May 2017;
  • Aerial imagery, completed on 12th June 2017;
  • Inventory of banks and structures (geo-refferenced photos);
  • Inventory of economical and cultural activities within the river bed.

All collected data are to be processed in the following period. The ships, the equipment and the devices required for the second measurements campaign are to be prepared in parallel.

2. The permitting procedure for the project started with the submition on 7th-8th June 2017 of the requests for the issuance of the urbanism certificates to the county and local authorities within project area, respectively Călăraşi County Council, Giurgiu County Council, Mehedinţi County Council and Dolj County Council and Corabia City Hall.
Until now, the urbanism certificates obtained were no. 266/26.06.2017, issued by Corabia City Hall, and no. 183/19.06.2017, issued by Călăraşi County Council. The rest of the urmanism certificates are to be issued by the competent authorities.

3. The environmental impact assessment procedure will be started in Romania and Bulgaria after the issuance of all urbanism certificates.

4. The first workshop will have as theme ”Field measurements and environmental aspects” and will be organized in Bucharest on 4th July 2017. The estimated number of participants is of minimum 50 (local and central Romanian and Bulgarial authorities representatives, NGOs, JASPERS, etc.). The main topics on the workshop’s agenda are:

  • Measurements campaign (short presentation movie);
  • Hydrographic and hydrodynamic measurements;
  • Sediments;
  • Geotechnics;
  • ADCP;
  • Environmental aspects (EIA, banks inventory);
  • Future activities.

The presentation materials from the workshop will be distributed to all invitees.

Date: 03.07.2017