For a second measurement campaign, all ships, equipments and devices were prepared

For a second measurement campaign, all ships, equipments and devices were prepared.
The methodology and duration (60 days for measurements and 30 days for data processing) to carry out the measurements will be the same as in the first campaign.
To meet the deadline, the teams of qualified personnel were mobilized for all types of measurements: hydrographic, hydrodynamic, topography, sediments samples collection.
The activities to be carried out will consist of the following:

  • Establish reference points;
  • Hydrographic surveys;
  • Topographical surveys;
  • Hydrodynamic surveys;
  • Sediment surveys.

Thus, on July 10, 2017 the second measurement campaign began. Between 12.07.2017 - 17.07.2017 hydrographic and hydrodynamic measurements and sediments samples collection will be carried out in the sector between 818 - 860 km.
For topographic surveys, LiDAR scanning data collection will begin on 15.07.2017 and will take for 6 days (in favorable flight conditions), after which the data will be processed.
After the completion, processing and integration of hydrographic and topographic measurements, will be obtained the DTM (grid 50 / 50cm) specific to the second measurement campaign.
After the performing and completion of the second field study (hydrographic, topographical, hydrodynamic and sediments), a comprehensive assessment of the river morphology will be done based on the results of the sediment study to understand the source, transport and sedimentation type, which are generally responsible for critical areas (with jams) along the Danube.
Based on the results from the complementary studies, will be identified and analyzed the potential options and scenarios that will be tested. Based on the results of the second measurement campaign, calibration of the hydrodynamic and transport model will be carried out, and the detailed modeling of the identified options will be initiated.
Date: 14.07.2017