The second measurements campaign was completed

The second measurements campaign was completed on August 24th 2017.
S.C. Marine Research S.R.L. and iC Consulenten d.o.o., members of the consortium led by S.C. Halcrow Romania S.R.L., carried out hydrographic, hydrodynamic and sedimentation measurements in the second measurement campaign, across the Danube, on the sector between 375 – 863 km.
The methodology and duration (60 days for measurements and 30 days for data processing) were the same as in the first measurements campaign.
As requested by the ToR, the second topographic campaign was executed in order to calibrate and validate the mathematical model. The second LiDAR campaign took place between July 15th 2017 and July 27th 2017 and took place at low levels.
The data for the approximately two weeks of the LiDAR measurements campaign contain the LiDAR gross measurements and additional information for the entire area of interest of the project.
In the near future, the Measurements Report - the second campaign (studies, investigations, measurements) will be prepared.
Detailed information on the results of the second measurements campaign and the mathematical model will be presented during the second workshop, which will be held in Bucharest in mid-November, 2017.
Date: 29.08.2017