Workshop on «Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and Preferred Options for FAST DANUBE project» [30.05.2019]

AFDJ Galati organized the Workshop on «Technical Solutions and Multicriterial Analysis result» on May 30th 2019, in Bucharest, in the project Technical Assistance for Revising and Complementing the Feasibility Study regarding the Improvement of Navigation Conditions on the Romanian-Bulgarian Common Sector of the Danube and Complementary Studies – FAST DANUBE.
The workshop was a great opportunity for all 43 participants to discuss during 3 sessions about Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and Preferred Options for FAST DANUBE project during three sessions, as follows:
Session 1 – MCA
Methodological approach

  • Options appraisal (including a preliminary environmental assessment)
  • MCA outcome

Session 2 – Preferred options

  • Preferred options: dredge only
  • Preferred options: engineering/morphological interventions (Bechet / Belene / Popina)
  • Technical aspects (e.g. material selection, constructability, etc.)
  • Preliminary environmental aspects (impacts, preventive and mitigation/compensation measures)

Session 3 – Next steps

  • Next steps: environmental assessment
  • Next steps: technical / design / feasibility study

As a closing statement Mr. Romeo Soare stated that AFDJ has started monitoring the river 70-80 years ago and they will continue to do so together with local communities. The evolution of the river is very closely monitored and is AFDJ’s responsibility. Romeo thanked everyone involved in the project/workshop participants (EAEMDR, Jaspers, DDNI for R&D, EPC, WWF, GeoEcoMar, ANAR, NIHWM, Ministry of Transportation, IAD, Nottingham University, Halcrow Romania/Jacobs, ADFJ).