FAST Danube – EIA Study meeting between Romanian and Bulgarian, Environmental Authorities [11.06.2019]

The Ministry of Transport of Romania hosted a meeting between Romanian and Bulgarian Environmental Authorities, on the EIA Study. The main topics on the meeting agenda were:

  • Topic 1: FAST DANUBE project status – MCA Workshop results (30.05.2019)
  • Topic 2 – Impact Assessment Study on water bodies (IASWB)
  • Topic 3 – EIA procedure in a cross-border context
  • Topic 4 – Climate Change Study
  • Topic 5 – Harmonized project timetable for EIA and AA procedures in Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Topic 6 – Next Steps
  • Topic 7 – Conclusions

The MoM was sent to all participants and as a conclusion that the close cooperation between all involved parties is absolutely necessary to ensure compliance with European Directives / Guidelines / Regulation and national specific legislation for Romania and Bulgaria.