Skype Meeting with NGOs BG [10.09.2019]

AFDJ Galati, through Halcrow Romania SRL as Consultant in the project «Technical Assistance for Revising and Complementing the Feasibility Study regarding the Improvement of Navigation Conditions on the Romanian-Bulgarian Common Sector of the Danube and Complementary Studies» – FAST DANUBE, held a Skype Meeting on «Presentation of the FAST Danube project to key stakeholders in the Republic of Bulgaria», on 10th September 2019. The meeting was a good opportunity for all participants to discuss about the:

  • Status of the FAST Danube project;
  • Preferred options selection based on Multi-Criteria Analysis;
  • Next stages: environmental assessment;
  • Next stages: stakeholder engagement.

Q&As sessions gave audiences the opportunity to find out more about certain topics mentioned about and the MoM has been distributed to all those who participated or who wasn't able to participate. Through this type of meeting we want to keep the project key stakeholders in the Republic of Bulgaria permanently informed on the status of the FAST Danube project. To ensure a fruitful and successful collaboration, we consider very important and we greatly appreciate the participation of NGOs representatives to this type of meeting.