Workshop on «Stakeholders Engagement in Bulgaria – ToRs presentation» [25.09.2019]

AFDJ Galati – Romania and EAEMDR Ruse – Bulgaria as partners in the project «Technical Assistance for Revising and Complementing the Feasibility Study regarding the Improvement of Navigation Conditions on the Romanian-Bulgarian Common Sector of the Danube and Complementary Studies» – FAST DANUBE, held the Workshop on «Stakeholders Engagement in Bulgaria – ToRs presentation» on September 25th 2019, in Sofia.
The main topics on the meeting agenda were:

  • EIA status / Stakeholders’ engagement
  • MCA results / preferred options
  • Presentation of the ToRs
  • Stakeholders issues – open discussion
  • Closing statement

The MoM was sent to all participants.
Main conclusions:

  1. The written communication will be bilingual from now on.
  2. Meetings and presentations will be held primary in Bulgarian, but the technical experts will be English speaking so again translation will be provided.
  3. Next meeting will have again agenda, however it will be taken as further step from this and won’t be repeating on the topics.

More technical and concrete presentations, as basis for expert discussion, including short presentation on necessity of the project - lega l and technical.