Meeting with the Bulgarian Stakeholders and Authorities [14.02.2020]

AFDJ Galati, through Halcrow Romania SRL/ Jacobs as Consultant in FAST DANUBE project organized a meeting on «Stakeholder’s consultation – Terms of Reference follow up», on 14th February 2020 at Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication (MTITC) of Republic of Bulgaria having the headquarter in Sofia.

Participants: AFDJ Galati, APPD Ruse, Halcrow Romania SRL/ Jacobs, Jaspers/ EIB, MTITC (BG), MoEW – Natura 2000 Sites Department (BG), GeoMarine Ltd. (BG), WWF (BG), Balkanka (BG), NP Persina (BG).

The main points on the agenda were:

  • Purpose of the meeting and introduction of participants;
  • Project overview and current status presentation;
  • Discussion on the scope and content of the Terms of Reference for the EIA report - based on received comments and proposals from stakeholders: MoEW, BDDR, RIEW Pleven, WWF, Balkanka, Balkani, NP Persina;
  • Q&As and Balkanka statement discussion, Q&As and WWF statement discussion, Q&A and statement of NP Persina;
  • Agreed actions.


Q&As sessions gave audiences the opportunity to find out more about certain mentioned topics and discuss the approach proposed by the project, to consider in the environmental assessment the relevant comments received from stakeholders. Even if, according with the EIA legislation the stakeholder’s consultations should be held in the later stages of the EIA procedure, we wanted to keep the project key stakeholders from Republic of Bulgaria permanently informed on the status of the FAST Danube project and ensure that we are considering in the assessment the concerns raised up by stakeholders through this type of meetings. We consider very important and we greatly appreciate the participation of NGOs representatives to this type of meeting in order to ensure a fruitful and successful collaboration