Meeting with Romanian National Agency for Natural Protected Areas on «Site Specific Conservation Objectives» [21.05.2020]

AFDJ Galati, Halcrow Romania SRL/ Jacobs and EPC Consultanta de Mediu SRL (the sub-consultant of Halcrow Romania SRL/ Jacobs on Appropriate Assessment aspects from Romania) met National Agency for Natural Protected Areas (ANANP) representatives on 21st May 2020.

The meeting took place at ANANP’s headquarter from Bucharest and the main discussed topics were:

  • Presentation of FAST Danube project;
  • Existing N2K Sites intersected and in vicinities of FAST Danube project and Management Plans status;
  • Site specific conservation objectives (SSCOs).


Some notes from the meeting could be found below:


Given the recently “lesson learned” related SSCOs for N2K Sites, for another transportation projects funded by the EC, FAST Danube project initiated an early meeting with ANANP in order to highlight the importance of prioritizing the development of the SSCOs for the N2K sites located within the project area and to agree a timeline for SSCOs preparation to meet also the project schedule. In summary, on the Romanian bank of Danube, in the project area there are in total 22 N2k Sites. 13 N2k Sites are intersected by project and 9 are located in the vicinities of the Critical Points (upstream or downstream). From 22 N2K Sites, only 11 N2k Sites have approved Management Plans – for all these SSCOs need to be developed. For the rest 11 N2k Sites without Management Plans, minimum conservation measures need to be prepared.


Beside those 13 N2K sites that are intersected by the project, during Natura 2000 Forums performed since early stages of the project, based on a precautionary approach it was decided to add the N2k sites located upstream and downstream from the Critical Points.


ANANP assumed that in 3 months will prepare and approve the SSCOs; 1 month was allocated for public consultation. The list of the parameters will be approved through a President Decision.

Given the authority involvement and commitment by the end of June 2020 will be made available to the project the set of the minimal measures prepared based on N2K Standard Forms and the ecology of the species and until end of July 2020, the project will receive all the information needed in order to be able to include it in the AA.