FAST DANUBE Action (2014-EU-TMC-0297-S) meeting – environmental issues [08.07.2020]

The title of meeting: FAST DANUBE Action (2014-EU-TMC-0297-S) meeting, environmental issues

Date: 8th July 2020

Location: Cisco Webex

Participants: DG MOVE, DG ENVIRONMENT, INEA, AFDJ Galati, Halcrow Romania SRL/ Jacobs, MoEW (BG), MoEWF (RO), MT (RO), ANANP (RO), JASPERS/ EIB, GeoMarine Ltd. (BG), EPC Consultanta de mediu SRL (RO)


Main topics on the agenda:

  • FAST Danube Action (2014-EU-TMC-0297-S) status (including the potential risks);
  • Presentation of the methodology to address the Appropriate Assessments using SSCOs;
  • Conclusions of the meeting (some of them mentioned below):
    • INEA concluded that both countries will have to communicate by September the timeframe necessary to define the SSCOs and the methodology to be followed.
    • It was noted, following the comments made by the study contractors, that these tasks will have an impact on the contract and hence a discussion between the beneficiary and the contractor will have to take place to ensure that extension of the contract is possible and under which conditions.
    • A Meeting will be organised by end of September to discuss the status of the project and the way forward. This meeting is essential to discuss the amendment to be submitted to extend the duration of the Action. However, the extension of the duration of the Action (+12/24 months extension) will depend on the commitment of the countries to deliver a credible timeframe for the completion of the tasks related to the SSCOs and the EIA.
    • DG MOVE and INEA underlined the importance to continue the cooperation between BG and RO to address and overcome this obstacle.
    • DG ENV underlined their support to revise the results of the first works for the identification of the SSCOs.
    • DG MOVE and INEA took note about the situation in BG related to the lack of human resources however, it was reiterated that the need for identifying SSCOs is an obligation inherent in the EU legislation in force. It will affect all EU funded projects where an EIA needs to be made or having an Activity related to the EIA.
    • Romania:

ANANP (RO) agreed to provide to BG MoEW (BG) within 2 weeks:

      • 2 examples for SSCOs for N2K sites (SCI and SPA sites) along the Danube/ relevant for the FAST DANUBE project, with and without management plans
      • Indicators (parameters) and criteria for selection of indicators (parameters - Definition of target values.
    • Bulgaria:
      • MoEW agreed to review the presented examples after the end of July meeting, and to provide a proof of their commitment by mid-September;
      • To communicate to DG MOVE and INEA the timeframe necessary for the development of the SSCOs by mid-September 2020;