FAST DANUBE Action (2014-EU-TMC-0297-S) meeting – environmental issues [18.11.2020]

The title of meeting: FAST DANUBE Action (2014-EU-TMC-0297-S) meeting, environmental issues

Date: 18th November 2020

Locantion: CiscoWebex

Participants: DG MOVE, DG ENVIRONMENT, INEA, AFDJ Galati, IAPPD Ruse, Halcrow Romania SRL/ Jacobs, MoEW (BG), MTITC (BG), MoEWF (RO), MT (RO), ANANP (RO), JASPERS/ EIB, GeoMarine Ltd. (BG), EPC Consultanta de mediu SRL (RO)



INEA’s representative explained that the main purpose of the meeting is to make sure that all the obstacles for implementing the project have been removed. AFDJ sent a request for amending the grant agreement for FAST Danube Action. In order to agree the amendment, it is needed to look very closely at the conditions and problems that are faced at this moment by the project and to agree the solutions that will guarantee that the project will be implemented. 2 countries are involved in this project, but the project it is a very important for the Rhine – Danube Corridor. A common approach needs to be agreed by both Romania and Bulgaria to ensure the continuity of the project.


Main points on the Agenda:

  • FAST Danube Action (2014-EU-TMC-0297-S) status;
  • Conclusions of this meeting (few of them mentioned below):
    • In the July meeting there was concluded that the data exchanged between the authorities can be a solution to obtain a harmonized content for the SSCOs and also to reduce the time necessary for finalizing this activity.
    • Romanian Ministry of Environment offered to help the colleagues from Bulgaria to make this exercise, due to the fact that along Danube are almost the same species and habitats on both Danube banks. The information already send to MoEW (e.g. the methodology and SSCOs for 3 sites) can be also very useful for developing the SSCOs in Bulgaria.
    • It was concluded that a better communication chain and exchange of information between Romanian and Bulgarian agencies need to be implemented to speed up the process.

Given the importance of the project not only at the national level, but also at the European level, DG MOVE, DG Environment and INEA ensured that they will continue to support the project if the 2 countries are committed to develop the SSCOs.