Steering Committee

Project Steering Committee (SCOM) - All decisions concerning FAST DANUBE are taken by SCOM.
The Steering Committee is made up of members of the Project Management Team (PMT) and representatives of key institutions playing a role in the implementations of FAST DANUBE project:

  • Romanian Ministry of Transport,
  • Romanian Ministry of European Funds,
  • Romanian Ministry of Environment, Water and Forest
  • Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication
  • Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters
  • Harbour administrations from Romania (Romanian Danube River Port Administration)
  • Harbour administrations from Bulgaria (Bulgarian Port Infrastructure).

In accordance with the Romanian national legislation, Ministry of European Funds acting as CEF Authority for Romania, ensures the overall coordination at the national level for all CEF funded projects while the Romanian Ministry of Transport is responsible for the technical and financial monitoring of the projects, as well as for the certification of the Annual Status Report and the Final Report.
In accordance with the Bulgarian national law, Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication will ensure the coordination at the national level, and will certified the Annual Status Report. SCOM meetings are planned to be held at least once per year or whenever is necessary for taking decisions that cannot be postponed until the next planned meeting.