According to its statute, the INEA supports the EC in the management of CEF projects. The INEA Project Officer reports every decision from EC such as deadlines, guidelines and recommendations to the project management team.
The FAST DANUBE Advisory Council (AC) of the project consists of the Project Management Team (PMT) and non-project related stakeholders of the inland navigation sector in the Danube corridor.
Steering Committee is the main decision-making platform.
The project manager is the intermediary for all communication between the Beneficiaries and the European Commission. The Project Manager ensures the coordination of the Project Management Team (PMT) and the technical, economical and administrative management of the project.
The project manager is supported in coordination by the national coordinator and activity coordinators, belonging to the Project Management Team.
The national Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the national progress and setting necessary actions within FAST DANUBE project at the national level.
The Activities experts are all persons who execute the project on operative level.

Organisational structure